Departure Dates and Availability

The Savannahlander operates on a fixed weekly service for 9 months in the year. Starting the first week in March and generally finishing in the last week in November (39 weeks).

When booking a tour (you can click the links below) you will be presented with a booking form which has a drop-down selection of dates that are still available. Please note that this is an indication of availability, not a guarantee. We can only confirm availability for your tour once a booking has been made.

The train itself (The Savannahlander) departs Cairns every Wednesday morning at 6:30 am and returns to Cairns on Saturday at approximately 6:30pm.

This means that all our tours have a fixed schedule departing as follows:

Gulflander & Savannahlander via Forsayth ex-Cairns
Gulflander & Savannahlander via Croydon ex-Cairns
Gulflander & Savannahlander with Outback Escape ex-Cairns

Gulflander & Savannahlander via Forsayth ex-Normanton
Gulflander & Savannahlander via Croydon ex-Normanton
Gulflander & Savannahlander with Outback Escape ex-Normanton

Savannah Explorer with Chillagoe Cabins
Savannah Explorer with Chillagoe Ecolodge
Savannah Explorer with Chillagoe Motel
Savannah Explorer with Undara Lava Lodge
Rail Runner
Surprise Getaway – Wednesday departure
Barron River Rover

Etheridge Rambler
Einasleigh Half-day tour

Surprise Getaway – Friday departure
Einasleigh Half-day tour