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Welcome to the Savannahlander Agent Portal. This page is HIDDEN and not accessed through our main menu system, so please bookmark it for future reference.

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Conditions for commissionable rates

The Savannahlander would like to offer agents a commissionable rate for packages that you would like to sell.  This is provided on the understanding:

  1. 1) That you as the agent sell the package and service the client.  All information on tours, dates, locations and packages are on our website and we would appreciate your time to familiarise yourself with our product.
  2. 2) We are happy to assist by phone or email with queries, but please understand that if our staff are required to spend time providing information that is on the website that we reserve the option to withhold the commission on that sale.
  3. 3) We would like to work with you, but please remember that your customers are your responsibility. If your client contacts us directly we have no way of knowing that they are your customer and we may sell to them directly. Of course if we are aware that they are an existing customer with you we will refer them back to you.
  4. 4) ALL bookings for agents should be made through our website. We will endeavour to process your request as soon as possible and email you back with a confirmation or availability status.
  5. 5) A deposit is required for all booking requests and we are unable to provide confirmations without making a booking. This deposit is not refundable in the event of cancellation or changes to your tour package. We understand that you may be working with other services and managing your clients, but due to the large number of speculative bookings made in the past we are unable to take a booking without a deposit.
  6. 6) Please note that for package bookings that we are working with multiple suppliers in remote outback regions. Rarely can we provide immediate confirmation. You are welcome to email us to check, but we will work as quickly as possible and contact you as soon as we have a confirmation.


The peak season runs from June to August inclusive and is simply applied to any departure dates within these months. Outside these dates off-peak pricing applies.

Cobbold Gorge does not operate in March and November. Gulflander tours via Forsayth are not operating in these months. All tours that normally include Cobbold Gorge will be accommodated in Forsayth and their package price will be reduced (and your commission accordingly).

We would advise that you do NOT book other tours or services for your clients without an email confirmation of that booking first.

Commissionable Rates

The Savannahlander would like to offer agents a commissionable rate of 10% for packages that you would like to sell. Please note that there is NO COMMISSION on the single supplement surcharge, as this is simply a surcharge that is passed to us from our providers.

2021 Rates / Pricing

2021 Prices - Peak Season (departures in June, July, August)
Tour PackageRetailAgentMarginSingle Sup
Explorer with Cabins$1530$1377$153$670
Explorer with Ecolodge$1490$1341$149$640
Explorer with Motel$1410$1269$141$670
Rail Runner$1020$918$102$470
Gulf/Sav via Croydon (CNS)$1770$1593$177$570
Gulf/Sav via Croydon (NMT)$1440$1296$144$530
Etheridge Rambler$630$567$63$230
Surprise Getaway - Wednesday$470$423$47$270
Surprise Getaway - Friday$470$423$47$270
2021 Prices - Off Peak Season (Mar - May, Sept - Nov)
Tour PackageRetailAgentMarginSingle Sup
Explorer with Cabins$1450$1305$145$410
Explorer with Ecolodge$1410$1269$141$330
Explorer with Motel$1340$1206$134$360
Rail Runner$970$873$97$370
Gulf/Sav via Croydon (CNS)$1680$1512$168$410
Gulf/Sav via Croydon (NMT)$1370$1233$137$370
Etheridge Rambler$630$567$63$230
Surprise Getaway - Wednesday$440$396$44$170
Surprise Getaway - Friday$440$396$44$160

Please note that there is a $150 per person deposit payable at the time of booking, which is fully refunded if we cannot supply your tour.  See our terms and conditions for details.

Discount Fares (Concession rates)

The Savannahlander is a private business that operates on the Queensland Rail network.  As such we may choose to offer discount fares and concessions but that we are not bound to do so.  The Savannahlander provides a seniors concession rate to valid concession card holders for fares booked directly through our office.  We do not offer a concession in addition to the agent commission rates.

You are welcome of course to give discounts or concessions as you see applicable with your retail pricing.