Chillagoe Cave & Town Tour

Take a look around the historic mining town of Chillagoe. The tour includes a transfer to Chillagoe and overnight accommodation at your choice of either the Chillagoe Cabins, Chillagoe Ecolodge or Chillagoe Motel.  All venues also include a tour of the town and a ranger guided tour of Royal Arch cave.


  • This tour is a standard inclusion for passengers staying in Chillagoe  on the Savannah Explorer tour.
  • For passengers booked on the Rail Runner and Surprise Getaway, the price includes accommodation, meals and transfers to and from Chillagoe.


About the cave tour:

Limestone has been weathered, dissolved and re-formed by water to create spectacular caverns and passages, decorated by stalactites, stalagmites and flowstones.

The cave tour takes you through passages and chambers in one of the largest cave systems in the area. Unexpected shafts of daylight, fig trees, glimpses of darting bats, naturally sculptured limestone formations and ancient marine fossils are highlights of this tour.  Our passengers do a slightly shorter version of the standard National Parks tour which simply skips the section that involves steep inclines and ladder access.

Several bat species roost and breed in the dark caves. Chillagoe is one of five known nesting sites for the white-rumped swiftlet Aerodramus terraereginae. The caves are also home to spotted pythons Antaresia maculosa and a variety of insects and spiders. Fossilised bones of many animals, including those of the extinct giant kangaroo, have been found in the caves.

Hand-held lamps are provided for visitors aged over five years, to add to the excitement of exploring the labyrinth of tunnels and lofty caverns.