Undara Lava Tube Tour

There are a few different ways to tour the Undara Lava Tubes with the Savannahlander, however typically you can do this by either opting to stay at the Undara Lava Lodge and do your tour while our there or stay in Mt Surprise and do a tour via bus.  Either way you will see the same amazing lava tubes and be guided by a knowledgeable tour guide.

When touring by bus, this wonderful tour is run by the Bedrock Village.  It departs Mt Surprise for Undara at around 2.30 pm on Friday Afternoon. You return to Mt Surprise by about 6.00 pm having explored one of the tubes in the park.

See more details on the lava tubes is available at http://undara.com.au/

Undara Lava Tube stairs and accessibility

The tour of the Undara Lava Tubes has roughly 300 steps in the complete tour that takes you from the plains above, through the upper entrance way and down the the floor of one of the lava tubes.  For those concerned about completing this here is some more information.

For those walking the stairs and well constructed and feature landings and rest benches along the way.  In addition to this you may choose to go part way if you like as the tour goes out and comes back along the same route – so if you choose to stop you will be met by the group on their return.

The video above shows some of the stairs and features of the lava tubes, and the photos below show some of the details on the stairs.