While joining us on the 6 day tours that include the Gulflander and Savannahlander, you will find that you may have an extra day in the outback town of Normanton.

The Tuesday of your itinerary is a “Self Directed” day where you can take a day to enjoy yourself.  Some prefer to find a quiet place with a book and enjoy some downtime or to sit by the pool with their favourite beverage and relax.  For those looking for some activities here is a brief guide of things to do in Normanton.

Things to do walking around town

Normanton takes it’s name from the nearby Norman River.  Established in 1867 it’s early years are steeped in history that is fuelled by the goldfields expansion.  There is a town walk that takes in most of the main attractions both historic and contemporary with amply opportunities to stop and refresh yourself along the way.

You can download a copy of the walk map and items of interest with the following links (they are the same file, just different sizes for your convenience):

Alternatively there is a “live” map available online at the Carpentaria Shire website.

RM 60 Railmotor Excursion

Built in 1931, RM60 has been lovingly restored and has the rare charm of rail travel from a bygone era. 40-minute excursions are available, please enquire at Normanton Station for availability.

Hiring a car

A popular option is to hire a car to tour both Normanton (see the map above) and to also take in the nearby town of Karumba.  Karumba situated at the mouth of the Norman river on the shore of the Gulf of Carpentaria about 45 minutes drive from Normanton.  There are many attractions in Karumba, and similar to Normanton there is a town walk available.

To get there you will need to hire a car (there are no bus, taxi or shuttle services operating) independently at your own expense.  

Cars are available from the Gulfland Motel.  Organising this is easy – simply click this link to email and include your name and dates of travel.

Helicopter Scenic Flights

Get a birds-eye view of the stunning Australian Outback with a scenic helicopter ride. Rates are as follows:

  • 15 min Gulf River Tour $150 p/p
  • 30 min Karumba Scenic Tour $225 p/p

Organising this is easy – simply email by clicking on this link and include your name and dates of travel.

Bus Tours

During the season when numbers permit, a group bus tour will depart the Gulfland Motel and tour through Normanton, Karumba and the Burke & Wills Memorial. Tours are $60 per person. Please note that minimum numbers are required for tour to operate. CLICK THIS LINK to email (or email to register your interest and put your name on the list for this unique tour. Please include all the passenger names who are interested along with your dates of travel.