Introducing “Will” (No actual goannas were harmed making this post)

At the end of last season, long serving Savannahlander Driver Matt departed our organisation to broaden his experience in the main stream rail industry. During the seasonal shut down, we recruited a worthy replacement for Matt, and we therefore welcome and introduce Will Kemp to our team. Will is currently under training and in a few more weeks, we expect he will be fully qualified out along the line. Will comes to us from the Zoo and wildlife industry, specifically the dank and creepy reptile enclosures found in such parks. He comes to us with a great understanding of wildlife,┬áspecifically┬áthe scaly cold blooded type, as well as amazing hunting and tracking skills. We expect that it will be most entertaining when he captures his first crocodile on one of the trips – in the gallery you will see he was practising his skills with a goanna (which was not in any way harmed). By entertaining we mean that we will ensure that the defribulator batteries are fully charged up.

Here are a few photos of Will in his own gallery.