We're Working Hard for You

You may think being a Savannahlander driver is the greatest job ever, sitting up the front, driving through some of the best country in Australia, staying above old Queensland pubs and sharing a beer with people from all over the world.  Well its not all sunshine an lollipops you know, we work tirelessly to make your experience unforgettable, and if that means we have to drink coffee, eat cake and sample chocolate, then fine, whatever it takes!!

So that’s what we did, Mike, Matt and myself forced ourselves away from the office and the shed to drive up to Mareeba to pay a visit to Coffee Works, a local coffee plantation, roasting house and as it turns out a fantastic tourist attraction that had our jaws on the floor and our mouths watering.

Now it wasn’t just a visit to go there to drink coffee, so what we did as soon as we arrived was order a coffee, and cake, and then we sat down.  Yes, we are easily distracted.  But how can you not be when confronted with the aroma of freshly roasted and ground coffee beans.

However there was a point to our visit, of which we had to remind ourselves of. Morning tea on the savannhlander was given a lot of thought by Matt and myself throughout the last season, and sure Bullock Creek Cafe does a commendable job with its limited resources, nescafe coffee  and “dodgy” cafe staff.  But we thought, possibly it could be a little more posh.  As we enjoyed our flat whites and pumpkin and ginger cake, Lyn the lovely coffee works representative,  came to join us and we talked about our coffee and tea options for the new menu and she offered us the opportunity to go for a walk through the museum.  Not knowing what to expect, we thought sure why not, we were in a bit of a rush but a few minutes cant hurt.

As we entered there were rows of coffee pots each allowing you to sample all the different flavors, a job Matt took very seriously, taking it upon himself to try almost every single one of the 40 something types.  Mike gravitated towards the chocolate samples, all hand crafted in the coffee works chocolaterie, so many different flavors from old classics to the weird and wonderful like lime and black pepper chocolate and lemon myrtle.  Forcing our selves away from there we ventured into the museum, flooring us again with an unexpected and beautiful presentation of coffee machines and coffee related items from around the world.  If we had more time I’m sure it would have been a much longer visit, but pressed for time with another appointment to make in Chillagoe (see previous blog entry) we had to go.

As we made our way to the exit Lyn had organised a huge bag of assorted chocolates, our favourite coffee and a few bags of tea leaves, all purely for the purpose of further research of course!  So as you sit there accusing us of not working hard, that we just sit around during the off season, just remember this coffee isn’t going to drink its self you know.

Check out the Coffee Works website

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