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The Savannahlander in Forsayth

The Savannahlander in Forsayth

As most of our regular readers know the line the Savannahlander travels on between Almaden and Forsayth has been closed due to flood damage. This meant that we could only operate between Cairns and Almaden for the last few weeks. Well – we have some good news. The line will be open the whole way to Forsayth from the week after Easter. This means that normal services will resume on the 15th of April. We look forward to seeing you all on board! 🙂

Late Update:

We were contacted by the track manager who told us that repairs to a washout has settled and requires additional rectification work. This is on the other side of Mt Surprise, and at the time of this edit, it was unsure if the work would be completed before the train is due to run over that section.  We’ll keep you posted.

Late Late Update:

We have just been advised that the track is open all the way to Forsayth.