Welcome Newsletter Subscribers

To our long suffering newsletter subscribers, welcome to the replacement blog. For those not familiar with how these things work, here is a few simple tips to help you enjoy the new format:

  • Blogs are arranged with the latest posting at the top of the page. To catch up on the news, in sequential order, scroll to the bottom of the page and start reading up from there, or at least to the last post that you read.
  • You can leave comments on each story, or even ask questions in the comments box.  There is a ‘comments link’ at the bottom of each post. We can respond to comments or queries in the comments area. This provides a greater sense of ‘community’ to our readers.
  • You can be informed of new posts here by subscribing to the RSS feed. Click the RSS button in the page head at the top of the screen.
  • If you’d like to comment on posts and receive updates when posts are added you can register here.
  • If you’d prefer to just be emailed when the blog changes you can subscribe here.

Here’s hoping that you enjoy the new Savannahlander Blog!