The Industrial Scrap Heap? Not this Bloke…

The last run of the Savannahlander for 2008 has happened, and the old girls are resting quietly in their shed, enjoying a well deserved rest after clocking up over 30,000 km during the year. The track and the terrain is not kind to these railcars, so the rest and recuperation is well earned. The end of the last trip signalled somewhat of a rest for one of the Savannahlander crew, with Gary heading into retirement – or a semi retirement at least. Sometimes you just can’t keep some people away from here.

Garry with the model

Gary with the model

Gary came to us from QR when we first started running the Savnnahlander service in 2004. Gary (with Pat, our other original, and now retired driver) has been the backbone of the operation, and has set the benchmark for competence and customer service that has become the goal for our those that will follow him.

After the Savannahlander was ‘put to bed’ last Saturday evening, Gary was presented with a mounted model of a Savannahlander Railmotor in front of a gathering of the CKS staff and families.

Although retired, we haven’t seen the last of  ‘Gaz’ yet as he will be used on some of next years charter trips, and he will be dropping in from time to time to make sure that his high standards are being maintained.