That 150 Must Do List

It would appear that there is some unsolicited agreement with the comments made by Matt in this post in regards to the brewing scandal that the Savannahlander did not appear on the Queensland 150 ‘must do’ list.  Below we have quoted Mr Harold Best who offered this comment to another rail attraction that does appear on the list.

I travelled on both the Gulflander and Savannahlander earlier this year. I must say that I’m very surprised that the Gulflander appears on the “must do” list and the Savannahlander doesn’t. The Gulflander is interesting from a historical perspective but the terrain it travels through is hardly untouched – it follows the highway most of the way! The Savannahlander travels along far more interesting – through gorges and across ranges. While the crew on the Gulflander were quite competent the Savannahlander crew were far superior. I’d give both trains a go but feel the Savannahlander is a better experience and I’m disappointed I can’t vote for it.

We too are disappointed we can’t vote for it – we think the old Sav can give any attraction in Queensland a run for its money. Also, please note that we do not detract in anyway the service and experience offered by the Gulflander. This is in its own right a great trip and a worth entry into the Must Do list, and it is an important part of the region it runs in. Many thanks to Harold for those words.