Thanks Doc…

It’s getting hot out west at the moment. Hot and humid. Yesterday, we had a passenger who we thought was suffering a little too much from the weather out here. Luckily, Thursday is Flying Doctor clinic day in Mount Surprise and luckily they were running late. The clinic usually winds up at 11am and the Sav is due into Mount Surprise half an hour after that. The RFDS staff came down to the railway station and picked up our passenger, took him back to the clinic and checked him out. The medical staff decided that it would be best to fly our passenger back to Cairns and send him to the hospital. I headed over to the RFDS clinic at Einasleigh today and (after cries of “What – you’ve got another one for us?”) they told me our passenger was doing well when they put him in the ambulance at Cairns airport.

Our sincere thanks to the great staff from the RFDS for helping us out.

Be sure to support the RFDS by heading over to the Cairns visitors centre while you’re in Cairns for your Savannahlander trip.