Temporary Track Closure

Despite the short life of this blog to date, one of the over-riding themes here is the amount of (non Savannahlander) derailments that have occured in the Delaney Gorge near Forsayth. This has become a cause for concern, and to that end QR have requested a total possession of the track in order to conduct the following:

  • complete a full and detailed inspection of the line beyond ‘Turkey Flat’
  • Bring the “project sleeper replacement gang” ahead of their current worksite, and complete the re-sleepering¬† in the gorge
  • Do the above work without traffic (ie: the Savannahlander) running through the worksite, in order to expedite the completion of works
  • Eliminate any risk of the railmotor derailing on unknown track defects

We agreed with the concerns and the need for the closure. This closure came into affect today and is expected to last through to the end of October. So to any intending passengers for this period, the closure is extremely regretted, but on this occasion safety considerations must come the fore.

The track through the Delaney Gorge is unique and inaccessible for anything other than a rail vehicle. The track descends over 10 kms clinging to the side of the gorge with grades as steep as 1 in 33. Sharp curves are also a feature of this section, and it culminates is a short stretch of track that actually runs along the river bed. After this, there is a short climb out of the river and a 4 km run to Forsayth. This would be one of the least desirable places to part company with the rails and from an operational perspective, it is far better to have rehabilitation works fully completed, rather than run any risk of derailment. Certainly, the other derailments suffered in that section are an omen that all might not be fully right along there.

If you’re booked on the train over the next month, here is one of the features you won’t see – This is ‘high bridge’ in the gorge. Can any of the past ‘savannahlanderers’ tell us what interesting animal inhabits this area?

Despite the closure of the track, passengers will still be staying overnight at either Cobbold Gorge or Forsayth, depending on where you are booked. Tours of the Gorge will not be affected by this.