Postcard(s) from the Savannahlander

Mart, Matt, Susie, Leigh, Matt, Stien and Mr Fluffy pose at Barron Falls

Marty, Matt, Susie, Leigh, Matt, Stien and Mr Fluffy pose at Barron Falls

Last week Susie Elelman, Matt Cable, Marty Weaver and Stien Parrott from WIN TV came along for a trip on the Savannahlander. They weren’t just along on a junket though, the crew were filming segments for Postcards Australia which is a travel show that, unfortunately, Savannahlander drivers can’t watch as its on Saturdays at 5.30pm so we’re busy driving down the Kuranda range. Luckily, we can catch up with all the stories each week on their web site. 😉

I must admit I was a little nervous when I heard that there was to be a TV crew on board. Not only is there the chance that they’ll steal all your material for a blockbuster TV show but I thought there was a possibility for them to be intrusive and annoying and ruin the experience for the other passengers on board.  As it turns out this was this case. No, not really! It was the exact opposite. 🙂

We were lucky that WIN had decided to send the Postcards team out on a week were there weren’t too may other passengers booked so we had time to mess around doing interviews, run pasts and spending plenty of time at pubs. I was  surprised that they were really doing the whole trip. Some of the travel shows I’ve had contact with in the past have “faked” the tours for their stories and taken along “rent-a-crowd”. That wasn’t the case last week.  Susie and the boys had to put up with 4 days with Leigh and I. They also took a look at the three most popular side tours – Chillagoe Caves, Cobbold Gorge and Undara Lava Tubes.

Susie's about to get and explanation of the Savannahlander's controls from Leigh.

Susie's getting ready to ask Leigh all the tough questions.

After getting used to Stien sticking his hands up our shirts all the time looking for chest hair samples it wasn’t too bad. Just like any other trip really but these passengers had really expensive video cameras.

At this stage the segments about the Savannahlander will be on Postacards Australia on the 24th and 31st of October at 5.30pm. That’s on Win TV in regional areas and Channel Nine in Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. I’m not sure about Sydney, Melbourne or Newcastle. If you miss them or you’re not in Australia you can watch the show on the Postcards web site.

Marty shows us how to get comfortable

Marty shows us how to get comfortable