Post Cyclone Ita Update

Cyclone Ita passed through the Cairns area during Saturday 12 April but fortunately caused little damage. The railway line from Cairns was closed during the event, and the rain that the cyclone brought with it did cause a minor slip up on the Kuranda Range near Barron Falls. There is also some debris on the section between Kuranda and Koah but other wise, the remainder of the line escaped unscathed. Track gangs are working on the line and hope to complete everything by Tuesday Afternoon.

It is anticipated that the Savannahlander service scheduled to depart on 16 April will run and depart Cairns on time. However this is subject to completion of clean up work and re-certification of the safety of the track. If for some reason there is a delay with the clean up, we will delay the departure and try and get out a bit later.

Passengers on this services should witness a spectacular show up at Barron Falls and Stoney Creek this week!