News Snippets No. 5.


Gulf Region Flights Assured

Today, in my email inbox, there was an interesting piece of correspondence amongst all the spam. It was a press release sent by the Department of Transport with information about regional air contracts. Reliable air connections out to the Gulf Country are an important link in combining our Savannahlander with the Gulflander. Since the demise of the previous air operator, the service has been operating under an emergency contract. Refer to this post about our earlier concerns. Some extracts from the press release:

New contracts secure air services for regional Qld

Residents of Western and Northern Queensland will receive permanent,
reliable and regular air services under the Queensland Government's new
long-term regional air service contracts.

Transport Minister Rachel Nolan and Member for Mount Isa Betty Kiernan
today announced that the contracts would replace the emergency services
which had been in place since March.

Ms Nolan said the new providers for the services were chosen via an
extensive tendering process and included:


* Gulf (Cairns-Normanton-Mornington Island- Burketown- Doomadgee-
Mount Isa)

While on contracts, it’s worth a brief mention that the Savannahlander contract expires next year, however we believe that the service is important enough to warrant our participation in the tender process for a new contract. We’ll keep you informed on progress.

Tour Packages and Prices Finalised

2010 packages have now been finalised. There was a delay because of uncertainty as to the tenure of the managers of the Forsayth Tourist Park beyond this year. However this has now been happily resolved, with new Managers Ian and Kerry taking over next week. People who stayed there in 2007 might have fond memories of Kerry’s cooking from those days.

On the web site, we have had to change the way we introduce the tours and prices because some people seemed to have difficulty in navigating to where the information was posted. This means that we often get emails from the site’s contact form, requesting prices or information, when the very information that is sought is generally one click away on the site.

Now, there is what we hope is an intuitive ‘Tour Price‘ menu link in the menu side bar. This opens to page that summarises the tour packages and lists the basic adult price. At the end of each summary, there is a ‘full description’ link, that takes you to a page that has… well.. the full description and all prices, plus opitons applicable to that tour. Anyway, we’ll take feed back on this, and if anyone finds any part of the web site confusing or ambigous, let us know in either the comments or by email.

Level Crossing Safety

QR (they maintain the track for us, and run most of the states rail services – but not the Savannahlander) have announced a two-pronged campaign will hit televisions in family living rooms around the country this week.

A DVD and a series of Community Service Announcements¬† feature the harrowing and emotional ordeal many train drivers face, simply because motorists continue to break the road rules. On the Savannahlander we feel particularly vulnerable with our driving area so close to the action as it were. We all to often witness the disregard too many motorists have for level crossing safety. A quote from the video went something like: “People will wait 5 minuts for a <chain restraunt> hamburger, but won’t wait 2 minutes at a level crossing”.

This is presented as a ‘Drivers Plea”. You can see the video by clicking the link below.

Railsmart Level Crossing Video