News Snippets No 3.

It’s getting close to deadline time, so here are a few newsy items not worth their own post.

We’ll Look After You

We have given our first aid supplies a bit of a going over recently. Also, noting how far we can be from help in our travels, we came to realise that we need to be a bit more self sufficient when in comes to dealing with injuries or medical emergencies.

The Savannahlander has recently been equiped with a defribulator, which might just make the difference if we have to deal with a cardiac arrest while waiting for help from the flying doctor. But now that we have it, we hope we never have to use it.

Engineering Modification

A minor modification has been made to the gear boxes that has all but eliminated starting wheelslip on the units, and have achieved a much smoother acceleration.  Early indications are also suggesting that fuel economy has improved as well.  We should have done this years ago!

Communication Upgrade

The radios on board the railmotors have been upgraded to be able to communicate with the DMTF radio system that exists in the remote areas beyond Dimbulah. This has become increasingly important with the on-board satellite phones aging and bringing into question their reliability. The upgrades provides an additional level of communications which is critically important for the overall safety of the operation.