More Postcards

Remember when we reported (spammed?) that the Savannahlander was to appear in two episodes of Postcards Australia? That of course duly happened and two great segments went to air. In total there was nearly twelve minutes of vision over the two shows. But what about the rest of the footage? Good news is that we arranged with WIN TV to produce a DVD of some of the best footage and interviews that they had. We also deleted quite a few scenes that went to air during the series, so the DVD contains about 24 minutes of material, that was not aired. For instance, Leigh did not get much of a show on the TV, but in the DVD you will see him grilled by Susie Elelman – in fact his performance was so good, we thought it was worth putting on the trailer!

So, here is the trailer for the new DVD. If you would like a copy get in touch with us and we’ll arrange for a copy (or several) to be mailed out to you. These will retail for $25.00, but mention this blog post, and we’ll shout the postage.