Maintenance Priorities


When a special gang is sent out along the line to tidy up a few missing signs, like say, whistle boards, then you as an operator on the line has to be happy that there must be buckets of money, especially when they place boards like this:

To protect a ‘level crossing’ like this:

or this:

Multiply that by a couple of dozen, and that is about what has happened recently.


And what about this? In the photo below, we can see that a whistle board has been placed on the platform at Almaden Station – right where we used to unload passengers. So this gang, in response to a directive to control some real or imagined risk at the level crossing a couple of hundred metres away, deem it appropriate to introduce additional risks to the operator by placing a sign where a passenger could potentially collide wth it.

With such obvious waste happening on a line that sees one train a week, I guess you could be mistaken for thinking that everything else must be pretty much up to scratch as far as maitenance goes? Yeah well, not quite (click the pics to really see what I am on about):

Now don’t get me wrong. I am not having a chip at the local gangs who are not resourced or funded to be able to get the line to 100%. They do a great job with what they have.  And the blokes that planted the whistle boards all over the district were probably just obeying orders issued by someone in an office nearly 2000 km away. But a simple bit dialogue with the people who actually use the line could have saved some time and money you’d reckon?