Gulflander Connections Update

Since February, we have been watching developements with the air service to Normanton closely, since the demise of Macair. The air service was an important link for people wishing to experience both the Gulflander and the Savannahlander. After the failure of Macair, Skytrans has stepped into the breach and have themselves been closely watching the operation for ongoing sustainability.

Skytrans have settled into a routine of sorts on the Cairns to Normanton route, but there has been a significant timetable change. They are no longer operating Tuesday services to Normanton, which means that intending passengers now need to travel out on Monday and therefore require an additional nights accommodation in Normanton.  This change came into effect on Monday 25 May. The guarantee of service to Normanton has been extended to the middle of October.

In view of the change of flight times, those intending to do one of the combined Savannahlander Gulflander packages might now consider travel to Normanton by Coach. The coach used on this service has recently been upgraded from the old Coasters that used to service the route, to a more appropriate long distance coach.  Another benefit of coach travel is taking in the spectacular views  and scenery on the Atherton and Evelyn Tablelands, before you track towards the west after departing Ravenshoe.

For those thinking of doing one of our combined train packages, and find that they now have an unexpected free day in Normanton,  remember that Karumba is only an hour away, and you can hire a car in Normanton to visit there.  You will now have time for a decent explore of the railway station precinct, as well have time to explore some of the unique buildings in the town, including the heritage trust registered Bank of New South Wales building. If there is enough of you in a group, you might also be able to charter RM60 for a run to the four mile and back.

The Gulflander in the shade at Normanton Station

The Gulflander in the shade at Normanton Station