Green is not often Seen

Often we talk about the harsh and rugged outback Savannah regions, barren earth and dusty landscapes, with scrubby trees clinging to life in the dry earth. So imagine our surprise when we go out there and see the country looking like a lush Malanda cow paddock!  The lack of winter has been a popular talking point up this way, and the weird weather has sent un-seasonal storms and rain over the area, about a month ahead of schedule. So at a time that bush is traditionally at its driest, we are surprised to find water in the normally dry rivers, and new bright green grass shooting out of the ground.

This is the sort of scenes more commonly seen in March, if we are lucky enough to have the track open after the wet season. Sometimes, late in November you can see green scenes like below, but only if a passing storm has passed close enough to the track. During a recent charter movement, a few photos were captured to show off this rare green event around Einasleigh.