Get Off My Bridge

Boy scouts have a motto of ‘Be Prepared’, which is also quite appropriate for Savannahlander Drivers. You never know what is going to appear around the next bend, or on the next bridge. So when the boys came upon old man Wallaroo having a rest in the middle of the bridge,  a course of action had to be rapidly put into place, because while the ‘roo was stuck on the bridge, so was the railmotor. Running it over was out of the question – the passengers were watching. And a Wallaroo is like a wallaby on steroids, they are solid muscley creatures and there would have been a very real possibility of the railmotor being tipped off the bridge. No, he just had to be moved.

The poor old bugger was in reality, probably on his last legs, and was looking for somewhere to have a (long) rest. Still, he was between the railmotor and its destination of Forsayth (which has a pub), so he had to be moved. In the photos, you can see Matt trying a variety of strategies, including cursing, gesturing and trying to appear threatening. Even gentle nudge with the railmotor, while blowing the horn failed to dislodge him. Eventually, a large branch was procured, and he was levered off the bridge.  What was not captured on film was the happy moment when the Wallaroo was levered clear of the track, which was also the time he became sufficiently irritated to rear up and have a go at Matt. That’s the thanks you get!

Photos in the gallery below were taken by Geoff Morris, a passenger in the train that day. He kindly sent these over after his return to England.  If I have left anything out, Matt or Rob will correct this in the comments, when they return to civilisation.