Even the Savannahlander gets a Holiday

As this is being written the Savannahlander is on its last trip for the year, returning home to its shed on Saturday 20th. Until our first trip on 4 March next year, the railmotors will have their annual maintenance done, while the staff here will try to get rid of some annual leave. This means that the blog will probably deal with dreary maintenance matters rather than the exciting adventures from out in the bush.

With staff taking leave, it means there will be a slight reduction in the excellent service that is provided by the booking and administration staff. From close of business today, and through until the end of January, there is a better than average chance that you will be greeted by our friendly answering machine.  Basically we will be fully closed over the Chistmas New Years break, but from  January 5, the messages will be checked regularly, and we will follow up any queries you have as quickly as possible.

Now before the blog recedes into its own seasonal maintenance mode, I am hoping that we might get a story about a crocodile to finish of the interesting part of the year.

Merry Christmas and Happy new year everybody!