Easy Access In 2013

We stop in some strange and remote places on the Savannahlander like our morning tea break at the famous Bullock Creek Cafe. Sometimes we stop and have a walk around at the beautiful and always flowing Saltwater Creek and maybe, just maybe, if anyone is interested we stop to get a photo of the rail motors on a bridge.

All of these stops are unique to our service, but comes with a certain amount of risk when our passengers disembark here due to steep steps down to an uneven ground bellow.  Well our clever team of designers here at the Savannahlander have come up with this ingenious set of fold out stairs. Currently only installed on the rear of our 2028 rail motor but plans to be installed on 2026 very soon, they fold away perfectly flat when not needed but in just a few seconds are out and ready for use.  We are confident that this  modification to the rail motors is going to make life easier for those travelling with us and above all else a safer experience, without compromising the original look.