Customer Feedback Department – Part 1

Here at the Savannahlander Customer Feedback Department (SCFD) we appreciate it when our passengers going to the trouble to analyse our operation and provide us with some ideas on how to enhance the experience. With this in mind we were very pleased when Len, who works as a consultant in real life, went to the trouble of compiling a list of ideas titled “Enhance your Journey”. The SCFD thought it would be a good idea to put these enhancement options out for public comment and include our thoughts on the suggestions.

Provide a Chinese laundry or at least a retractable clothesline.

While we understand passengers need for clean clothing, the Savannahlander’s baggage allowances allow for at least 3 changes of underwear. For those who like to travel light may like to use the hand basins and clothes hooks available in the Savannahlander Hygienic Intelligent Toilet Area.

On-board Tai Chi Class

Unfortunately, the Savannahlander staff are more interested in yoga but haven’t reached instructor status yet.

First Class Carriage with Internet Cafe

All carriages on the Savannahlander are currently in first class configuration. The internet cafe is a good idea and we will investigate the installation of a really long network cable and reel to provide internet access.

On-board Multi-Faith Temple

While prayer is advisable while driving a train through Mareeba we feel that with the limited space on the rail motors that the internet cafe would be a more useful addition.

Local Fruit Vendors coming to windows selling fruit

The major crop grown in the area traversed by the Savannahlander is cattle. We have trialed this enhancement in the past but found that the cattle were getting stuck in the windows. This made it very difficult to enjoy the view. Passengers also commented that the was enough bull…dust being flung around on board by the drivers.

Clock for Drivers to assist with punctuality

The Savannahlander is never late – it just has a flexible timetable. We will consider installing a countdown to next cup of tea display though.

Massage Table / On board neck and shoulder treatment

This is soon to be added to the workplace conditions for our drivers. Passengers will be able to watch in envy.

Shorter carriages to assist in travel times to toilet

Issuing passenegrs with roller skates to decrease travel times is another option worth considering.

Thanks to Len for his suggestions. If you have some suggestions for us leave a comment or email us.