Cross The Savannahlander off your "must do" list…

Must Do?

The Savannahlander - Not a must do!

Those of you who have had the Sav on your must do list for a while can rest easy now. The Savannahlander is officially not a “must do” trip. The RACQ (with help from some other sponsors) is suggesting a list of 150 “must dos” in Queensland. Interestingly, there are many rail experiences included on the “must dos” including the Gulflander, Sunlander and Spirit of the Outback. We were a little surprised to find that the Savannahlander wasn’t included amongst these “must do” rail journeys. Then it was noticed that the other major sponsor of the promotion is the operator of a number of passenger rail services in Queensland. We now wonder if the addition of these services to the “must do” list was a “must do” for the RACQ to get dollars from a sponsor. What a sham shame!

You can see the entire “must do” list here.

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