2020 Covid Cancellation Policy

At the Savannahlander we understand that travel in these times has proven to be far less certain than in the past and that unexpected change is the new way of life.

Travel in these times is a privilege and we would like to encourage and support those who wish to enjoy our wonderful region and support the many families and businesses who work to make this one of Australia’s most unique outback rail experiences.

We have developed a “covid cancellation policy” with the aim to achieve the following:

  • encourage travel on the Savannahlander by reducing financial risk for the passengers due to changing travel conditions;
  • maintain availability of the product for those who can still travel;
  • increase safety for our staff and passengers by not penalising those who need to cancel travel due to coronavirus related illness, thus encouraging them to stay home.

Whilst we have an open and compassionate policy, we also have been inundated with requests to “speculatively” book by people who cannot travel at the moment but hope to do so if travel restrictions ease.

Out standard cancellation policy still applies as noted in our booking terms and conditions. In addition to this we have the following policy in place relating to coronavirus and cancellation due to related illness and/or related travel restrictions.

  1. If you are unable to travel due to coronavirus related travel restrictions (ie. border closures) that have come into effect after you made your booking, we will offer you a full refund of your deposit or we can hold your deposit for priority booking for a tour package in 2021. (priority booking explained below)
  2. If you have made a booking while you are unable to travel (ie. in the hope that restrictions ease) and are unable to travel – your deposit is forfeit.
  3. Full payment for your tour is due 30 days prior to departure unless you have made alternative arrangements with our office.
  4. There are no refund for cancellations under any circumstance (covid or non-covid related) for cancellations made 14 days or less from departure.
  5. If you have a covid related reason that you cannot travel with 14 days or less notice from departure – we will approach our suppliers on your behalf with the circumstances of your cancellation and pass on any refund that that give us in full to you. You may be asked to provide some documentation to support your claim in this case.

Priority booking for the 2021 season will be managed by opening the bookings process for 2021 only to those people for whom we are holding a deposit. We will keep this open for 2 weeks before opening bookings to those registered on our advance booking list for another 2 weeks. After this bookings will be open to tour agents and the general public.