Brazen Cup Thieves Hit Bullock Creek Cafe

Those of you who have been lucky enough to travel from Cairns to Forsayth on the Savannahlander may have had the pleasure of having morning tea at the Bullock Creek Cafe. For those of you who haven’t been on the Savannahlander, Bullock Creek is located on the Etheridge Branch about halfway between Almaden and Mount Surprise.

The Bullock Creek Cafe offers train passenegrs morning tea on Thursday and Saturday mornings during the Savannahlander season. Recently the cafe has had a lot of cups going missing and some of the thieves have been cheeky enough to send trophy shots of their misappropriated drinking vessels in exotic locations. There is a gallery of these photos on the Savannahlander web site and a photo album of these mischievous mug marauders on board the train.

If you have a photo of a missing cup you can send it to us by email:

or snail mail us a hard copy:

Cup Constabulary
PO Box 386
North Cairns QLD 4870

Late Edit: The stolen cups gallery has now moved to its own page on this blog.