Back to Busy-ness

As many of you will know the Savannahlander only runs for 42 weeks a year. One question that we get asked a lot is “What do you do for the 10 weeks that the train isn’t running?” .  Well now that we’re back at work after the festive break and feeling refreshed  after a couple of weeks off it’s probably a good time to let you all know what happens around here during the off-season. The 10 weeks that we aren’t running out to Forsayth go very quickly. Most of us have a couple of weeks off over Christmas/New Year and then we have 8 weeks left to do the  jobs that get left until this time of year.

The major task to keep us all occupied is the annual rail motor maintenance. There’s usually a bit to do as the condition of some of the track that they negotiate every week is less than perfect and it knocks the old girls around a bit. All three units have their annual inspections. These inspections are just a regular check up to make sure that all the important mechanical bits are working as they should be. In addition to the annual inspections, there are little repair jobs that need to be done on the Savannahlander. As I’m writing this (sitting in the air conditioned comfort of the office), Leigh is down in the heat and humidity fixing window seals. It’s a constant battle to keep the fiddly latches and seals on 40-ish year old windows working! 2028 has had its radiator removed, repaired and tested. The floor  covering in 2028 is in need of repair as is the toilet flushing valve. 2026 has some rust spots to be repaired in the frame. All three units are having the exhaust fans in the ceiling fixed – hopefully this will reduce the amount of dust that gets inside the railmotors when things dry out towards the end of the year.

The boss also finds plenty of other work around the place for us. There’s gardening to be done, clean up and training courses to fall asleep in. We also organise merchandise, plan advertising campaigns, take bookings for the coming year and plot world railway domination. Probably the most important thing that we’ve done this week is a tea and coffee tasting session. Stay tuned for the results! 🙂