Are We There Yet?

Well not quite, but at least there is (wait for it) light at the end of the tunnel <groan>! 🙂 I refer of course to resumption of full Savannahlander services. The QR Infrastructure people tell us that April 15 is the likely date for full resumption of services.

Late seasonal starts have become an unfortunate recurring theme for us, with track washouts and range landslides contributing to late starts over the past couple of years. While this is annoying for the passengers who have booked trips with us (and I really feel for the international visitors here) we must remember the people who rely on the Savannahlander for their livings. These are the tourist operators and the accommodation, and service  providers who support our day to day operations out in the Gulf Areas. The train and its passenger provide a financial benefit to those people and ultimately the communities they live in.

Until resumption of full services, the Savannahlander will be doing a weekly Wednesday departure from Cairns to Almaden, and return to Cairns on the following day.

This picture for this post was taken by our Driver Rob,  in ‘Fairyland’ which is just outside Kuranda on the line to Mareeba.

Savannahlander sets in Fairyland during driver tuition

Savannahlander sets in Fairyland during driver tuition