All's Well that Ends Well

Some of you wanted to know what happened with the latest incident.

The train arrived at ‘Turkey Flat’ on its usual Thursday Run, and  the PV 6 remained derailed between there and Forsayth. So this is as far as the train could go. The proprietor of the Forsayth Tourist park was waiting with his bus to transfer the passengers into Forsayth, as was his son-in-law, who took in the crew after the train was secured.

Despite harbouring faint hopes of a recovery of the PV 6 before the trains arrival, it didn’t quite happen. From all accounts, this occured about an hour or so after the train left from Turkey Flat on Friday.

On Friday, passengers departing from Forsayth were conveyed back to Turkey Flat on an Oz Tours coach that had a group joining the train.  Not long after this occured,  a truck appeared in Forsayth, on which the much disgraced track recording car was to be removed from the distict.