Accommodation Feature – Chillagoe Guest House

The New Kid on the Block!

With the growing popularity of both the Savannahlander and Chillagoe, it was getting very difficult to get accommodation in the town during our Wednesday overnight visit there. This problem has been compounded by various factors, including:

  • Closure of the Caves Lodge Motel
  • Mining activity in the district, and the need to accommodate the workers
  • Increased Rail and Road maintenance workers requiring accommodation
  • Tour groups travelling regularly and holding most of the rooms in the town for long periods in advance.

Fortunately this year sees the refurbished Chillagoe Post Office Guest House come on line and pretty well save the day for us.

We were trying to find beds (and struggling) for a large group travelling early in the year when the recently established presence of the Guest House came to our attention. Contact was made with the property owner, and a hasty inspection was arranged to be made of the property. At the Savannahlander, we try before you buy! (There will be more on this theme in forthcoming blog posts)

As the name suggests, this establishment resides in the old 1906 Post office Building. It has been fully restored and air conditioned, and fitted out with quality furnishings and appliances. The property is divided into two sections, with each section containing its own common living, dining and bathroom areas. All together, there are six rooms available, with two rooms and common area in the front section, and four rooms and common section to the rear. One of the double rooms in the rear section has its own private ensuite, which means that the spacious and modern common bathroom is only shared by the occupants of three rooms (if they all happen to be booked) In the front section, the bathroom is common to just the two rooms there. While not strictly private ensuite facilities (with the exception of the above mentioned room) the facilities are modern, convenient and so much better than a van park communal shower block.  Laundry facilities are available at the guest house.

There are also a number of decks outside the building where serious relaxing can be enjoyed after a hard days travelling, and tour of the cave. The Chillagoe Post Office Hotel is conveniently located just across the road – which stands to reason given is named for its proximity to the original post office building.

The Savannahlander will initially use the guest house as overflow accommodation for when the Chillagoe Cabins or the Chillagoe Eco lodge are booked out for the packages that they are allocated to. Of course, intending travellers are free to specifically request the guest house, or even upgrade to it from one of the cheaper packages. The front section, which is really a fully self contained two bedroom apartment, would be ideal for family groups or a group of four travelling together.

The guest house is managed by remote control, in that the manager or staff is not in attendance on ‘train day’. However, arrangement are made for guests to pick up their key, and any queries can be made to the drivers (who stay in the pub across the road) or by direct phone to the manager. The evening Meal will be provided at the Post Office Hotel, and a voucher will be issued for this with your travel documents, if your package has meals included. Breakfast hampers are supplied in the guest house, which includes toast, cereal, bacon and eggs, which the guests prepare at their convenience. Just leave the dishes in the sink, they will be taken care of.

You can find out more about the guest house by visiting their website, or calling us at the Savannahlander.

Finally, have a browse through the gallery of photos we took during our recent reconnaissance. Needless to say, we were impressed!