Staff changes!

In the interest of standardising the Savannahlander experience we have been working very hard to introduce some new robotic train drivers. No, not really! The staff changes out west have been of the railway safeworking variety. In March this year, the first of a number of “staff stations” to be re-introduced on the Etheridge and Chillagoe lines was opened for business.

There were 3 staff sections on the line between Mutchilba and Forsayth:

  • Mutchilba – Almaden (80km)
  • Almaden – Mount Surprise (108km)
  • Mount Surprise – Forsayth (121km)

These were very long sections and made it difficult for maintenance crews to do work on days when the train is running and meant charter trains had to wait a long time to get moving sometimes. The plan is to split the line up in to smaller sections so the navvies aren’t sitting around having cups of tea the whole time. The new sections will be:

  • Mutchilba – Lappa (59km)
  • Lappa – Almaden (30km)
  • Almaden – Bullock Creek (52km)
  • Bullock Creek – Mount Surprise (56km)
  • Mount Surprise – Einasleigh (55km)
  • Einasleigh – Forsayth (66km)

The first of the sections to be split up was the Mount Surprise – Forsayth section with Einasleigh being introduced as a staff station. The turning angle at Einasleigh has been re-instated which means that trains can turn or cross there if required.