A View from a Different Angle

In these times of economic rationalisation, it’s nice to see for a change, a piece of railway infrastructure, long abandoned, being restored and placed back into use. This rare event happened earlier in the year, when the old turning angle at Einasleigh was re-instated and opened to traffic. We’re not sure when this piece of track was last used, but during the weekend, it it finally got some use when a single car charter service from Mt Surprise Terminated at Einasleigh, and had to be turned for the return trip. In the past, a single car trip from Mt Surprise to Einasleigh would have required a further three hour run (each way) to Forsayth to turn.

The apex of the angle used to go to an old copper mine a bit under two kilometres away, which was partly responsible for the line going to Einasleigh in the first place. The mine ceased operating in 1914, five years after the tracks got to Einasleigh, but the track was later used to service the cattle yards.  The rails still go as far as the Einasleigh race course, and with a few more sleepers chucked in, we could run race trains right into the venue during the Easter Races!

The run around the angle was photographically recorded, and rather than pick and choose what photos to display, the whole lot have been uploaded to the blog gallery.  Click the thumbnail to view, use the arrows at the bottom of the image to move to the next or previous image, and click the image to close it.