A Run on the North Coast Line

Today the railmotor units are off on their first trip of the year, after sitting around bludging in the shed for nearly 10 weeks. Before letting them loose on the Savannahlander line, we have to make sure that the railmotors are ready for the upcoming season of reliable service. During the 10 weeks, the maintenance staff are busy doing the annual maintenance, which also includes a few repairs and modifications. To be fair to the drivers, they also get involved, and give the internals a bit of a spruce up and assist the shed crew where needed. Once the maintenance and modifications are finished, it is a good idea to test the work, and blow a few cob-webs out of the rail motor engines. To do this, we take them for a run on the main line south of Cairns, where we can open the taps and do some sustained high speed running to ensure that all is well mechanically. On the smooth(er) track, we can also detect things like ride quality, abnormal vibrations and unusual noises that can be more difficult identifying on our usual route towards Forsayth.

The run was very successful, and it gives the drivers an opportunity to work the railmotors through different locations and¬†scenery¬†(under supervision of a ‘pilot’). And when everything goes as well as it did, it makes an ideal culmination of a very busy maintenance period.

Some photos from the day out are in the gallery.