A bit of history.

As those of you who have been on the Savannahlander know, we tell some stories as we’re driving along. What you may not realise is that most (well some anyway) of these stories happen to be true. How do we have time to do all this research while operating one of Australia’s premier rail services? It’s easy – we’ve read the wonderful “Up the Palmerston” series by Mike Rimmer.

Mike has written a history of the Tablelands region and the area he’s covered includes some great information about the part of the world we travel through every week. Mike now lives in the UK but he was in FNQ to launch the third and final part of his series and we were lucky enough to have Mike along on the Savannahlander last week as our guest. It was great chatting to him and he was more than willing to share some of the things he found out in his 30+ years of research into the area that didn’t make it into print.

If you’re interested in having a read of Mike’s books you can find out where to buy a copy at his North Queensland History web site, find a copy in the Cairns library or ask to have a look at my (exclusive autographed) copy on the train. We’re also considering stocking the book in the Savannahlander gift store next year so you may be able to buy it from us.