2017 Last Minute Deals

Occasionally things go wrong for travellers and some of our passengers need to cancel their bookings. While we are sad that they are not joining us – this is an opportunity for others as we can offer you those places!

Keep in mind – these are not negotiable on the dates, room-types, the tours are available “as-is” for the listed numbers only. If you would like to book these tours – please click the click the “enquire” button on the table.

2017 Last Minute Opportunities

DateTour Package (Click for pricing)Room TypeBook Now
Sorry - there are no current cancellations available.

2018 Advance Bookings List

Keep in mind that if you are thinking of travelling with us in 2018 you can register your interest online. Everyone on this list will be emailed and given a 2 week advanced booking period before we open our bookings to the general public.