A.S.S.C.O Adventure

We were very pleased this week to host the great people from the Australian Society of Section Car Operators.  Starting off at our depot in Cairns North (Actually known on the railway as Edge Hill siding) the group will be driving their section cars from here to Forsayth and returning over the next 6 days.

20150806_100357A section car is a small railway vehicle typically used by workers to travel to and from worksites on a railway line.  With the proliferation of dual purpose road vehicles (high-rail) and mush better access via trackside roads these cars are not as common in the workplace as they used to be.

However, groups of enthusiasts keep these mighty little machines alive and make regular trips throughout Queensland.  This is the second time we have hosted them here  – it sure makes a great change to our regular depot routine!

Check out the gallery below for some pictures.  The ASSCO website can be found at http://www.assco.com.au/ for more information.

If you are interested in enjoying this same journey in a little more comfort – check out the TOURS page for some trip options aboard the Savannahlander.  Simply MAKE AN ENQUIRY to see if your preferred travel dates are available.