2011 Season Starts with Washouts

Previous to this post, there are a number of updates offering excuses as to why we haven’t been able to do the full trip, now coming up for our sixth trip of the year. In fact, late last week, reports were coming in to suggest that river levels had dropped again, and the line had reopened. ┬áPossibly over the weekend a nasty storm must have passed through the Frewhurst area because during Monday Morning’s track inspection, a number of washouts were found. The ground around the washouts is still wet and spongy, which makes bringing machinery for repairs very difficult. So once again, the line is closed past Almaden.

Not only are we losing revenue from these events, but there are many people and groups who braved the early seasons bookings to see the Savannah regions at their absolute best, green countryside with creeks and rivers flowing from the supposedly completed wet season. However, the very medium that produced the improvements to the countryside is causing mayhem to the track and passengers holiday plans. Anyway, in the gallery are images of the lasted set of dreaded washouts.