2010 Season Start

The Savannahlander season is due to start next week but we have this news from the main web site:

The wet season in the Savannah regions has caused some track damage that will cause a delay to the start of the Savannahlander’s operating season. Repair completion dates are a week by week proposition, and shorter trips will be offered in the early part of the year. At this stage the Savannahlander will only be operating as far as Almaden.

This year there has been some damageĀ  to the Almaden to Bullock Creek section of the line. The full extent of the damage is unknown as track gangs have been unable to access the 30 km section between the Sandy Tate River and Bullock Creek. The damage that has been found so far is not as bad as last year so we’re hoping that the repairs will be much quicker. We should have a better idea of when the line will be open all the way to Forsayth some time next week.