10/10/10 – A good day for a Wedding

After far too long a period of time, Jane, one of our casual drivers, finally managed to make an honest man out of Matt, one of our more regular and permanent drivers. While it wasn’t exactly a sudden decision to tie the not, they did struggle a bit for a wedding ceremony that was a little bit unique, with a ‘point of difference”, as it were. They ended up deciding to borrow one of the company railmotor sets (well okay, the only one) and take it, with guests who theoretically had no idea what was going on,  up to a ‘nice spot’ on the Kuranda range.

We produced a fairly robust safety case to do this (after all, the ceremony took place on what is effectively a railway corridor) and were most pleasantly surprised when the network manager allowed the special service to go ahead. Jane (a qualified railmotor driver) drove her own wedding train to the station to pick up the wedding guests for the run up the hill. After arrival, the rostered driver took over for the remainder of the run up the hill to a spot just past the Stoney Creek Falls, where the ceremony took place. From here, we’ll let the photos do talking, but we are pretty sure that the 84 people who joined us for the ‘mystery wedding ceremony’ had a rather good time!