Wow, it’s 2013 already!

The Savannahlander 2012 season ended when the train returned to our depot on December 15. The maintenance staff are now busily working on the annual maintenance program, catching up on the wear and tear the old girls suffer during the year. We will also do a couple of modifications, including installing the final retention toilet to one of the units.

This time of year is also traditionally a quiet time of year so far as bookings and enquiries so the booking office staff are also going to sneak off on some holidays for the first half of January. The only staff ‘on deck’ are our maintenance crew, who are not very good at answering phones or emails, so we’re going to leave them with the spanners, and rely on the answering machine to do the office work. So if you’re intending to book or make an enquiry between now and 15 January, you’ll only get the answering machine, or an apologetic reply email offering up excuses as to why it will take a bit longer than normal to respond. Our absence won’t affect your chances of booking your preferred trip when we’re back in the office to catch up. Most of our regional providers are also away at this time of year.

Finally you might remember our level crossing accident that happened back in August. The old girl has been repaired and is looking as good as new with some shiny new panels, as you can see in the photos. Actually, I have mentioned ‘old girls’ twice in this post and possibly with good reason – two of them turn 50 this year!