Happy2share (or Happy to Share) is a room type or fare-class that indicates that you are willing to share a room with another traveller of the same gender if available. It’s a great way to meet people and also travel more economically. Please note that in some venues we may be able to book you in to a 2-room cabin and we will automatically do so if possible.

If we do pair you up with another traveller then your single supplement cost will be completely removed from your package price.

Below is list of dates that have single travellers who have indicated that they are happy to share a room – by choosing the travel with one of the persons below you will have no single supplement payable on your booking at all. (So the “happy2share’ cost is dropped completely!)

Simply make your booking on the same date as the person below and choose the room type “Happy2share”.

02/09/2020Savannah Explorer (with Chillagoe Ecolodge)Female
21/10/2020Savannah Explorer (with Chillagoe Ecolodge)Female

You can sign up to an email list for free which we will use to broadcast when there are new opportunities for single travellers with Happy2share!