The Savannahlander rollingstock comprises of three 2000 class railmotor units – 2026, 2028 and 2053. 2026 and 2028 were built in 1963 and 2053 was built in 1971. While the exterior of the units are in (almost) original condition the interiors have been modified for the Savannahlander service. 2026 & 2028 have had the bulkhead separating the driver from the passengers removed so passengers now have a driver’s eye view of the track ahead along with a change in decor to give the interior an outback feel. 2053 has been modified to improve accessibility.

Mechanically, all three railmotors have undergone significant changes. All have had their original engines replaced with modern diesel engines (250 HP Cummins) and automatic gearboxes (6 speed Allison).

The rail motors are not air-conditioned but all the windows open for some natural cooling. There are toilets and drinking water available on board.