General Information

The Savannahlander travels the 850 km return trip between Cairns and Forsayth once a week between March and November.

The train stops at three different outback towns for the night (Almaden, Forsayth and Mt Surprise) giving passengers the opportunity to enjoy the sights and visit some interesting places. There’s no sleeping accommodation on the train so passengers hop off spend the night in accommodation in the towns while the train waits at the station overnight. There’s also no catering on-board, so meals can be provided by local businesses or you can bring your own if you prefer.

There’s no allocated seats on the Savannahlander so you can sit wherever you like but we do reserve the front row of the front railmotor for everybody to share. This gives everyone a chance to enjoy the driver’s eye view of the track ahead.

We’ve gathered together lots of information about the trip on this site. Here’s some of the more useful pages:

  • Savannahlander Tours – Here you’ll find information on packages and prices.
  • Savannahlander Route Map – A map of the Savannahlander route with bonus bits showing bus transfers.
  • Contact Us – Our contact details and a nifty form you can fill in to send us a message.