The Savannahlander is strictly a non-smoking service for all types of cigarettes, cigars and e-cigarettes.  This includes smoking in the toilet area and within 5 meters of the doorways and eating areas.

All our accommodation providers operate non-smoking rooms and facilities, although there may be provision for smoking in a Designated Outdoor Smoking Area (DOSA).  Please make your enquiry direct to the accommodation provider when you arrive as to the location of the DOSA.

If you would like to smoke while travelling with us you may do so when the train stops for morning tea, lunches etc.  Please talk to your friendly driver about the timing and where you can go to smoke at the specific stop.

Please note that we take the comfort and safety of our passengers seriously, passengers found smoking on the train may be asked disembark the train and leave the tour.  In the event that you are removed from the tour there are no refunds available for the unused portion of your tour package.

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