Do you cater to specific dietary requirements

Our tours operate in remote outback places with limited access to food and often only a single meal provider.  Even with this in mind we will try to ensure that any special requests or requirements noted at the time of booking can be met by the Savannahlander.  

Please advise any dietary requirements including diabetic, coeliac meals; allergies etc. to ensure the necessary arrangements are made at the time of your booking.  

Please note that all meals are catered for by third parties and while all care is taken we cannot be responsible for the meals that are served. Most providers are happy to provide alternative meals for breakfast and dinners, but morning tea and lunch selections may be more limited.

If you have specific needs for morning tea or lunches we strongly suggest that you travel with a small selection of snacks in the event that there is no suitable food.  

Please be aware that we are travelling in areas where is there limited medical access.  If your dietary requirement involves severe allergic reactions we cannot guarantee that our third party providers can prevent cross-contamination of foodstuffs.  For example, you food may use equipment that has previously been in contact with nuts etc.  If you are travelling with medication (ie. Ventolin or Epi-Pen) please make the location of your medication known to the driver so that they can assist in the event of an emergency.

Full details regarding our food policy is available on our booking terms and conditions.

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