Can I reserve a seat or choose a seat option?

The Savannahlander is a open-plan railmotor which means that you are in a carriage that has many seats.  As a rule the only seat that is allocated is the drivers seat, which has some regulatory conditions before you may sit there.  Other than this restriction, seating is NOT allocated and is strictly on a “first-come, first-choice” basis.

On most trips, the first 5 seats are generally reserved as a “rotation” seating and you are welcome to come forward from any seating position and sit up the front for a short period of time.  While there you can talk to the drivers or take photos and videos through the front window.

The seats themselves are covered and padded.  You can reverse most seats so that a group of 4 may sit facing each other (2 travelling forward facing and 2 travelling rearward facing).  If it’s your preference, in the warmer months you may feel more comfortable if you bring a towel to sit on.

PLEASE NOTE:  Many people join the Savannahlander from various stations along the 4 day journey.  Seats and seating places are NOT kept between days or stops and we hope and expect all our wonderful passengers to manage their seating placements themselves.


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