Being Fit to Travel

The Savannahlander has passengers who travel with us from a wide variety of backgrounds and personal circumstances.  As a company we firmly believe that this great region and it’s attractions should be available to everyone and we work hard to make our tour as accessible as possible.

Please be aware that the Savannahlander is an outback adventure tour, and whilst we will make all efforts to make your journey with us pleasant and comfortable, you should be in a state that is fit to travel.  Our drivers are happy to assist you in your needs but in the interests of all of our passengers safety we cannot provide extended care or mobility assistance to individual passengers.

We do have a DDA compliant railmotor unit that is available**, but it should be noted that we cannot vouch for the compliance of the stops, stations and accommodation along the way.

As a general guide you can self-assess your travel fitness by ensuring that you can:

  • Walk 200 metres unaided over open ground
  • Ascend and descend a flight of stairs unaided
  • Ascend and descend a 4 step ladder
  • Carry your own luggage

If you are wanting to do the tour of the Undara Lava tubes you should be able to negotiate around 300 steps.  These are properly constructed and include landings. 

If you have any ongoing medical needs, please be aware that we are travelling through remote locations and that while our drivers are trained in first aid and our trains are provisioned with first aid supplied – professional medical assistance may be difficult to access in a timely manner.   This also includes the storage of sensitive medical supplies, CPAP equipment and other aids.  Please discuss your requirements at the time of booking.

If you have any doubt about your fitness to travel, please contact our offices to discuss your situation and how we may be able to assist.  Please view our short video below to familiarise yourself with one of our railmotor units.

** The DDA Compliant railmotor has a platform/wheelchair lift that can assist with negotiating the steps up and down the railmotor at some of our stops.  Please note that this unit is periodically in service and may be available on your tour.  Generally where practical our drivers will offer this as a service to our passengers.  We cannot guarantee that this unit will be in service on your specific tour, but if requested at the time of booking we will make all efforts to provide this on your tour.