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Please use the form below to make your booking or enquiry with us.  Once you have submitted your form you will be directed to our payment portal (via Paypal) to make your deposit.  A non-refundable deposit of $150 is required to process your booking (fully refunded if we cannot supply the tour).  Please see our Booking Terms and Conditions for more details.

To check availability online you can go to the retail website and start a booking for the tour you would like.  Once you get to the booking form (don’t actually make a booking there) you can drop the “date” selector box down and see the available dates.  Then, return to this page and make your booking as required.  You can check the retail tours available using this link:  RETAIL Available Tours and Departure Dates.

NO NEED TO TYPE IN ALL CAPS !   – we are Mixed-Cap-Friendly here.  Just use normal capitalisation for yours and guest names.  It makes our form letters look nicer 🙂

Please note: we currently have no availability at Cobbold Gorge.
All tours booked will be booked to stay in Forsayth at Finnigans Rest and will have the price reduced as noted in the table above. An evening walking tour "Forsayth by Night" is available and can be booked on the day.


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